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mdasch wrote in wontsitstill
Hi everyone! We want to thank you again for your phenomenal and moderately overwhelming response to TIF. We've been inundated with a lot of comments and messages, a lot of which contain similar questions, so we thought it'd be easiest to just answer the most common ones here!
  • I want to read TIF, but it says I don't have access! What should I do?
TIF is community-locked, which means you need to be a member of the LJ comm to see the posts. This means that a) you need to have a LiveJournal account and b) you need to join the community. You can do this by clicking "join" towards the very top of the main community page, or by clicking "user info" to go to the community profile and then clicking "join" on the upper left-hand side. After that, you should automatically have access. No need to message us or friend us on LJ.
  • Will there be a sequel? When? What will it be about?
We're working on ideas for several timestamps/codas for TIF, one of which is already posted. We will most likely be releasing quite a few more over the next months. No set schedule yet, though. There also will not be anything anywhere near the length of TIF, sorry. But you'll see this version of the boys again!

We've got a couple of ideas for what we'll be writing about. Right now, we're mostly interested in exploring alternate POVs of events within TIF and talking about the boys' future beyond it. 
  • Where can I get updated on when new stuff might be coming out?
We've created a joint twitter account @merrytifmas! That account also is a fun place for little bits of our headcanon and general discussion of TIF. We like talking to y'all and hearing what you think, so it seemed like a good idea.
  • Why can't I see any tweets on the TIF twitter?
Our account is protected, meaning that we need to approve your request to follow. We've got a big backlog of requests to get through, so be patient. You should be approved eventually, unless we look at your account and see that you're tweeting offensive/insensitive things. Then we're gonna have a problem.
  • Why have I/my friend/somebody I know been banned from the LJ comm?
If your LJ handle contains any kind of slur, or anything close to a slur, you're going to be banned. This isn't up for debate. If that isn't the case and you go from having access to losing it, shoot us a message and we'll sort it out.
  • Can I rec TIF/post about it on my blog?
Sure! But please keep it out of all the major tracked tags, such as #one direction or #1d or any of the boys' names. We'd also like to keep things away from the major ship tags as well, like #larry stylinson. As long as you're not doing that, go for it! And we appreciate it :)
  • Why do you want it out of the big tracked tags?
We'd like to keep the fourth wall as firmly intact as possible. Tumblr isn't a secret, and we're not interested in anyone seeing this fic who isn't already a fic reader. Similarly, please don't tweet the link to the fic to any of the boys or anyone who knows the boys, or openly tweet about TIF if the boys or someone who knows them is following you on twitter. If that happens (or if there are way too many links to the fic showing up on major tags) we will lock everything down, permanently, and it will never come back.
  • Why is the fic only posted on LiveJournal?
LiveJournal is a fickle beast, but it allows us more control over privacy and access than any other way of posting. On a similar note, if people make personal PDFs for ereaders and things like that, we're okay with it, but please don't post links to those PDFs publicly. We'd like to have a general handle on public ways of accessing TIF, and we'd prefer if the main way was here on LiveJournal, that way we can try to keep things from getting too out of control.
  • Are you going to be making any sort of official fanmix?
We're working on one right now! Keep your eyes peeled.
  • Can I make my own fanmix/fanart/other form of fanwork?
Hell yeah! That'd be awesome. There have been a lot of great fanmixes already, which we absolutely adore. Let us know if you make anything TIF-related! We'd love to see it. Just please be careful about where you post it :)
  • Have you written other One Direction fanfiction? Have you written for other fandoms? Where can I find your other stuff?
Sorry, but we're not going to answer that for anonymity reasons. Thank you for being interested, though! And there will be more stuff coming from us about this 'verse in the future, don't worry.

Again, we want to thank everybody for loving this fic so much! Most of you have been very cooperative and lovely, which is awesome. We love this fic very much, and we're looking forward to sharing more of the TIF 'verse with you. 

xxx MD & EDL

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